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Social Media

We understand the importance of social media for businesses in today’s digital world. That’s why we offer a wide range of social media services to help your business build a strong online presence, engage with your target audience, and drive more traffic and sales.


  • Social Media Setup
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Scheduling
  • Social Media Content Planning
  • Social Media Graphics and Photography
  • Social Media Paid Advertising

Our social media packages include

We create a customised social media strategy tailored to your business goals and target audience. Our team develops a content calendar and posting schedule to ensure consistent and engaging content across all social media platforms.

We manage your social media accounts, including content creation, scheduling, and posting. We also engage with your followers and monitor social media activity to ensure your brand’s reputation stays positive.

We create and manage social media advertising campaigns to drive more traffic and sales to your website. Our team targets your ideal audience with highly relevant ads and tracks the performance of your campaigns to optimise for the best results.

We help your business partner with social media influencers to reach a wider audience and increase brand awareness. We identify relevant influencers in your industry and manage the entire influencer marketing campaign from start to finish.



Through meticulously crafted PPC campaigns and captivating videography, we've propelled Snacksy's online presence to new heights. Our tailored strategies resonate with audiences, driving engagement and fostering brand loyalty. Together, we're not just meeting goals; we're setting new benchmarks in digital excellence.


Jacks Amazon Club

Through a harmonious blend of innovative design, seamless user experience, and strategic functionalities, we've propelled Jacks Amazon Club's online presence to unprecedented heights. This revamped digital platform not only amplifies their brand ethos but also drives business growth, capturing the essence of what makes Jacks Amazon Club truly exceptional.

At XA Digital, we stay up-to-date with the latest social media trends and best practices to ensure your business stays ahead of the competition. Contact us today to learn more about how our social media services can help your business grow and succeed online.